Human figure artist Loek de Winter – Naturist Artist

Curriculum of Loek de Winter, Dutch human figure artist.

Loek de Winter, human figure artist

Loek de Winter - human figure artist

Loek de Winter – human figure artist
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Loek, born in the Netherlands, family of fine art painters. Studied architecture. Got his title in 1974.

In 1985 he started to study the fine art techniques of the 17th century masters. Specializing in reconstructing the famous paintings of Jan van Goyen. In material, color and painting techniques. His teacher was Jan Versteegh, master in art.

Then he became interested in the painting techniques of Vincent van Gogh, special his Paris and Arles period (during those few years, Vincent had change his painting techniques). To copy his paintings is not only work, it is more an excitement. The oil painting reproduction Pork-Butcher’s shop seen from a window of Vincent van Gogh is for sale!!

Loek made two paintings for the movie about Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in Heaven. The paintings were made in cooperation with the Van Gogh Museum at Amsterdam. Visit also Vincent van Gogh Paintings Project.

Watch the interview with Loek de Winter on German TV:

He studied Art in Utrecht and Laren (The Netherlands), Artibus and Gooise Academy of Art. He followed the figure art classes of Humphrey Bennett and Maarten Welbergen at the Wackers Akademie.

Naturist artist

Loek developed, with passion for the naturist lifestyle a new art genre, named Naturist Art, the art field on which naturism is placed in all their expressions.

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His approach to the nude is reaffirming the classic nude art, and often pays a direct homage to the nude artists and their individual styles and hallmarks. His favorite nude artists are Raphael Santi, Toulouse-Lautrec and Jules Pascin.

Fascinated by the nude female and male form. He search for all sorts of scenarios for his subjects.

Loek makes use of the primary palette of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec for his objects.

Exhibitions of Loek de Winter

Nudes Gallery at Gent (Belgium), Café Arles at Groningen, Louis Hartlooper Complex at Utrecht, Sanquin Bloedbank at Gouda (Netherlands).

Naturist Art for Sale

Female nude standing -  Naturist art drawing in black

Female nude standing
Drawing in black
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Female nude sitting on chair - Colored drawing

Female nude on chair
Colored drawing
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Naturist Woman from Nation, Paris.

Naturist Woman.
Acrylic painting
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