Pascin master of the nude. An approach to the artist. 1885 – 1930.

With his time, his talent, his energy Jules Pascin was most probably the finest incarnation of the last oriental prince, that ever existed. Pascin had completely developed his art of rear wealth and profound unity. Pascin was the master of the nude.

Jules Pascin is one of my favorite nude artists. Other preferred artists are Raphael Santi and Toulouse-Lautrec.

Content of Pascin master of the nude
> Pascin master of the nude. An approach to the artist. 1885 – 1930.
> Nudes of Jules Pascin

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> Nude art in the history of nudity

Jules Pascin’s Life

Pascin, the brilliant artist of the nude

Pascin, the brilliant artist of the nude

Jules Pascin born Julias Mordecai Pincas on March 31, 1885. His childhood was impregnated with impressions of the Orient. Memories of the Turkish baths always haunted his mind.

His father, Marcus, a well-to-do grain merchant, directed a business that has branches in many other Balkan cities, and his mother, Sophie, had been born a Russo in Trieste. Both were of Sephardic origin, descendents of the Jewish elite who emigrated from Spain in the 15th century and who stll remained faitful to the language and refined customs of the past. In 1892 the Pincas family, all six sons and two daughters, moved to Bucharest. Pascin was sent to Vienna to continue his studies.

The continual performance he put on had already caused intolerable shame to his family. he was having an affair with a woman of high society, and frequented a group of prostitutes where he first began to draw.

Provided with a small travel fund, we find him roving among the capitals of eastern Europe. he lived in Budapest and then Vienna, where he visited museums and followed courses at the Academy. In Munich he studied in the studio of Moritz Heyman. he went next to Berlin where he started to sell his humorist drawings, and his financial situation improved. The young artist was engaged by Simplicissimus, a satirical German magazine, where his drawings henceforth appeared under the name Pascin. He took up philosophy and even mathematics, and settled comfortably in Schwabing, the meeting place of the of the international bohemian set which readily adopted him.

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Colony of German artists in Paris

Like Pablo Picasso, Kees van Dongen, and so many others, Pascin was barely twenty when he stepped down from the train that brought him from Munich to Paris on December 24, 1905.

According to tradition Jules Pascin was met at the station by the small colony of German artists. They frequented the Café du Dôme in Montparnasse. They called themselves the Dômiers.

One day in the fall of 1907, that Pascin first set eyes on Hermine David. Pascin became quickly enamoured. They lived together in a hotel in Rue Lepic. Picasso and Van Dongen lived there too.

Fauvism and Matisse

Most of the Dômiers had come to Paris seeking a new artistic orientation. Aware of the increasing importance of Fauvism, and most of them already either admirers or friends of Matisse, in 1908 they rushed headlong to work by his side in his studio.

Like the others, when he first began to paint he had been follower of Matisse. But he soon turned away from this influence.

Pascin’s art technique

Pascin’s first canvasses were studies of nudes of nudes or portraits, and were probably produced between 1907 and 1909.

Pascin was aiming at an increasingly rapid execution. The technique that suited him best was oils, diluted with oil or turpentine on a very thin canvas.

This technique enabled him to achieve very , the most delicate shadings, an atmosphere of faded pink, dull violet or saffron yellow, reminiscent of Odilon Redon.

His aim was to recreate emotion with a maximum of freedom. he was enslaved to no style, no fashion and no single technique.

> Nudes of Jules Pascin. Nudes drawings, watercolors, paintings and erotic art.

Hermine in a Blue Hat, Pascin 1918

Hermine David in a Blue Hat, 1918

The Three Graces, Pascin 1908

The Three Graces, 1908

The Artist and his Model, Pascin 1910

The Artist and his Model, 1910

Pascin’s authoritative talent

Pascin began to lose faith in his work, refused to submit anything other than drawings and watercolors in the salons. Was it about a moral crisis? For in 1910 he met and fell hopelessly in love with Lucy Vidil. But he could not envisage the deep affection to Hermine David.

In 1912 he submitted works to the Cologne Sonderbund. He also shipped works to the United States. They gave international recognition to Pascin’s authoritative talent.

The Great War

Pascin was escaping his military obligation to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He landed in New York, 1914. Pascin first went to Cuba alone, and then later returned with Hermine, who went to the States too.

Pascin stayed in the United States till 1920. He returned to Paris. There Pascin frequently organized magnificent receptions in his studio.

The End

In 1930 Pascin commits suicide. The exhibit at the Galerie Georges Petit opens and enjoys a big success.

Pascin’s work is represented in many of the world’s major museums, and is well known, particularly among art collectors.

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Content of Pascin master of the nude
> Pascin master of the nude. An approach to the artist. 1885 – 1930.
> Nudes of Jules Pascin

Both are related with:
> Nude art in the history of nudity