Art Gallery presents a nude art genre with passion for naturism

The purpose of the Naturist Art Gallery is to become a natural I-Meeting point to talk, to meet, to show all about nude art and their artists display the nude model.

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Met groet Loek de Winter

Nude Model in Art

Nude Model by Philip Pearlstein in the Art Gallery

Nude model in 21st century by Philip Pearlstein
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Displaying the nude model is an obsession for artists in all periods.

The depiction of nudity might be your hobby or profession, but in all cases a difficult challenge.

There are nude artists, who find a relationship between form and function. They follow the rule that beauty of the depiction of the nude model is the result of proportion. Others opt for an abstract approach. My favourite nude artists are Raphael Santi, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Jules Pascin. Read in our Nude Art Gallery why.

We made an unique overview of nude artists through the centuries. In this art gallery, it is fascinating to notice not only the change and evolution of their nude art, but also the similarities. It is said that mostly beauty is truth.

Nude figure artists directory from the 15th till 21st century

Online Art Gallery

Online Art Gallery exhibiting  Naturist Art by Loek de Winter

Naturist Art by Loek de Winter, Dutch Artist
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Naturist art concerns the tension between the naturist and his or hers surroundings. It is not that the naturist by definition needs to be nude.

Naturist art by Loek de Winter, Dutch Artist, is not a picture of reality. It is an artistic genre in which the live model, the naturist, is transformed into a carrier of meanings.

Loek wants to express his inspiration from naturism. Read more: Loek de Winter, artist.

The art gallery shows that Loek is fascinated by the nude female and male form. The model seems to enjoy being nude and is often engaging the viewer with a gaze.

Browse through this online gallery and you will find original oil paintings, gouaches and classic, abstract drawings of the figure nude by Loek de Winter.

> Naturist Art for sale. Original paintings and drawings.

Nude Art

The word nude art does more than describe a subject of art. They possess the power to conjure up the image of an artist at work, of spectators variously scandalized by or appreciative of the subject on the canvas or paper. Here you find an overview of Art events 2015 with exceptional nude art events and exhibitions.

From the antiquity to the present, the pose of the nude seems to share a few general truth and follow a handful of rules. Stripped of their clothing, every nude shares a certain vulnerability.

The nude is an idea, a reality, a scholarly study, a prurient past time. Regardless of the sophistication of the time, the nude will continue to fascinate. The Naturist Art Gallery is about that fascination.

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Experience Naturism

Naturists at Sylt, Germany

Naturists on the island Sylt, Germany
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During our cycle tour from The Netherlands to the island Sylt, Germany we finally had the opportunity to visit a few naturist campsites. And it felt good!!

Naturism to us is the feeling of freedom. Pretensions seem to fall away with the clothes. Naturists like to be nude in public, in freedom, respect for others and environment. They like to do and experience this with others.

You will find naturists especially on naturist beaches and naturist campsites. We have made Independent reviews of naturist campsites in France, we visited. Like La Jenny on the Atlantic Ocean, Le Fiscalou in The Tarn, Bélézy near Bedoin, Cap d’Agde, meeting place for naturists, nudists and nudest nudists from all over the world and Bagheera, naturist campsite on Corsica. An opportunity to find out more about naturism.

On our Naturist TV you will find a naturism gallery on video. Videos of naturist campsites, documentaries and interviews. And a special about naturism in history. Meet naturists and nudists on Naturist Video

Being a naturist was for me the motive to set up the Naturist Art Gallery. Art with passion for the naturist lifestyle.

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