Naturist Art as New Art Genre. Brochure Naturist Art.

This brochure sets out what Naturist Art is and why this can be seen as art genre.

nude art

Art genre: Cezanne’s bathers can be seen as an earlier Naturist Art painting. > Naturist Art for Sale

Definition Naturist Art – Objective and justification of this brochure

This brochure has as an aim to define Naturist Art, the importance of indicating of Naturist Art as a new Art Genre. And promoting Naturist Art wherever possible with as aim getting a general meaning and continuation in art.

Pioneer and author Loek de Winter – the Netherlands

The brochure Naturist Art has been fixed under number ISBN 90-806959-2-0 NUGI 911/921 and it has been deposited at the Royal Library in The Hague – The Netherlands

What is art

“The arts are the field on which we place our own dreams, thoughts and desires alongside those of others, so that solitude’s can meet, to their joy sometimes, or to their surprise, and sometimes to their disgust. When you boil it all down, that is the social purpose of art: the creation of mutuality, the passage from feeling into shared meaning.”

Robert Hughes (Australian-American) art critic, in an address at Skowhegan School of Art in 1996 (New Yorker)

What is naturism

“Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, and characterized by self-respect of people with different opinions and of the environment.”

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International Naturist Federation – Antwerp Belgium

What is Naturist Art

“Naturist Art is the art field on which Naturism is placed in all their expressions. The Artist gets his inspiration from the naturist lifestyle.”

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Loek de Winter – Naturist Artist

Naturist Art and nude art

Naturist Art concerns the tension between the naturist and his or hers surroundings. It is not that the naturist by definition needs to be nude. Nude Art concerns naked people. Naturist Art is therefore more specific.

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Importance of Naturist Art as new art genre

Naturism, arise around 1900, has worldwide got an enormous meaning.
A logical continuation is that artists want to express their inspiration from naturism. Thus a common picture arises which is to lead to naturism.

“To indicate a recognizable expression it is desirable to indicate a new art genre, namely Naturist Art”

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Naturist Art for Sale

Female nude standing -  Naturist art drawing in black

Female nude standing
Drawing in black
> Naturist Art

Female nude sitting on chair - Colored drawing

Female nude on chair
Colored drawing
> Naturist Art

Naturist Woman from Nation, Paris.

Naturist Woman.
Acrylic painting
> Naturist Art