Naturism. How we came into contact with naturism and who are these naturists.

We wanted to go exploring naturism and we did. All about naturism, naturists and nudists.

How we came into contact with naturism

We wanted to go exploring naturism

We wanted to go exploring naturism at Sylt, Germany. > Perfect place to draw. Nude models around.

We wanted to go exploring naturism. It would be something for us, we asked ourselves. We already had plans for a bicycle holiday from Maarssen, The Netherlands to Sylt (German island) and that would be a good opportunity to visit a few naturist campsites.

With tent, gas burner, the Naturism World Guide and the Naturist Federation Member Card just purchased, we went on our way. Just imagine. 700 km cycling to an island, not different from our nearby islands. Anyway we went cycling, into adventure of naturism.

The first occasion was the naturist campsite Hooksiel in Wangerland. This is located near Willemshaven in Germany. When we arrived it rained. Given no opportunity to see and experience what naturism is about. The campsite, located directly near the sea, is intended more for caravans and campers. Major activity there is sea fishing. The next day we went on to take the boat to Dagebüll, Amrum, a German North Sea Island and last stop for the mundane island Sylt.

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On Amrum arrived we went looking for FKK-Zeltplatz Amrum. FKK or FreiKörperKultur, is the German designation for naturism. The naturist campsite is set in the dunes, where you will feel and find the stories about the family in Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks. You see there families with their big carts from the parking place, lot are full of huge pyramid tents to their season. I had the novel “The riddle of the Wadden” by Erskine Childers with me. It couldn’t be more appropriate.

Here we experienced the naturism in all its essence. Exposing it on a nature camping. Car-free and in the evening an absolute silence. No shop, but there is of course a library. That is typical for naturist campsites. It is common that you left yours in the library. This keeps the books stock up to standard. One more feature of naturism is that there is no private showers. You can do this together.

This campsite was also a perfect place to draw. Nude models abound. Visit also my website Naturist Art. We stayed a week and then to move to the island Sylt.

Sylt is the North Sea island where the German naturism originated round 1920. See the unique video from that time about the history of naturism, FreiKörperKultur (FKK) on Sylt. On the island is not a naturist campsite but beautiful nude beaches. Beaches with that characteristic large beach chairs.

And how feels naturism? More than good! In your natural body leaving the tent, so walking around, feeling the sun everywhere is delicious. Naturism for us is feeling free in a way as we like. We have no particular fundamental motives.

Since that time, we have a lot of naturist campsites in France, Corsica, Belgium, Spain and of course The Netherlands visited. Most in France. On Naturist TV you can watch videos. A naturism gallery with interviews, naturist campsites and naturism in history. You will meet the naturists there.

> We describe the naturist campsites in France we visited

Naturism is feeling the sun everywhere.

Naturism is feeling the sun everywhere. Meet the naturists on Naturist Video.

Who are these naturists


You will find naturists on naturist beaches, naturist campsites

You will find naturists on naturist beaches and naturist campsites. Here we describe the naturist campsites we visited.

Naturists like to expose their nudity in public. This is the most clear and brief description. In addition, naturists represent a culture and a culture has characteristics. Our quest for this furnished the following in key words or tags:

[nude][respect][freedom][healthy][nature][environment][together]. This characterize the naturist. Or in a full sense described:

The naturist likes to be nude in public, in freedom, respect for others and environment. Naturists have a particular interest in health, nature and the environment. Naturists like to do and experience this with others.

You will find naturists on naturist beaches, naturist campsites and in all kinds of events organised by naturist associations as sauna and swimming days. Of course there are also travel agencies specifically with the naturism holiday.

A step further, the nudists. They want to be nude in all situations. Read the following section about nudism.


The nudist like to be nude or naked in all situations. He or she does not need the body, also in front of others, covering it.

Any negligence between the nudist and naturist is that both groups find sex and eroticism not a typical characteristic of their culture. Watch the video about an interview with a true nudist.

There is a group of nudists which the hair remove from the body and which sex have a prominent position. These are the nudest nudists. Read on.

Nudest nudists

The ideal of beauty of the nudest nudists is a smooth and hairless body. A naked body that can be seen. Often decorated with applicable piercings.

The band with sex and eroticism lies with this group, unlike naturists and nudists, much clearer. That experience you already have on their websites. Just look around on their website Nudest Nudists.

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