Bélézy, Naturist Campsite, Bedoin, Haute Provence, France. Independent review.

Domaine de Bélézy at the foot of Mont Ventoux is one of the first naturist campsites we visited. Quite an experience. Read on.

The entrance of the campsite consists of two huge steel doors. Like heavy factory doors.

We had not booked and we were still allocated a place. It is a terrace partly campsite. To reach the place we had to be passing three tents. We managed without falling. On the top of the hill was our place. Quickly packed our tent and trying to set up. Trying because it was really possible. We have the ropes fully shortened. After fifteen minutes I asked without raising my voice to the neighbor if she came here often. For 14 years, she said?

Bélézy and her surrounding

Bélézy and her surrounding

That evening we were exploring. We were lucky, there were even smaller places. We reached the restaurant and … so beautiful. Nice and illuminated pool and large terrace.

We were just in time, the music began. Exactly what we wanted. Sporty was that when the female singer began, quickly quite a few tables were abandoned, so we could sit at the table. The whole night we danced. After a glass of wine and then sleep.

The next morning I did my first yoga exercise, the sun salutation. That’s what you have to do on a campsite like this one. This would be the campsite for personal development, so … something for me, according to my wife. There was plenty to do, sporting, gymnastic and artistic pottery, basketry, archery workshops. Walks, football, volleyball or basketball tournaments, gymnastics and music.

Bélézy activities

Think about to take singing lessons. When your wife shows her talents, you can practice in facial expression.

I looked into a room and saw fifties working with a look that they were entering a new phase of life. And under very professional guidance of course. And then I saw an announcement for a mixed balneotherapy. This was, I thought, the reason why I became naturist. After consultation of my wife, I would not be the suitable fellow to do things like that. Think about to take singing lessons. When your wife shows her talents, you can practice in facial expression.

For the children there is actually plenty to do. Such as theater and clown performances. It is a campsite for family naturism.

Bélézy, Naturist Campsite, Bedoin.

Domaine de Bélézy at the foot of Mont Ventoux is one of the first naturist campsites we visited.

The environment is top. Cyclists will do the Mont Ventoux clim. You can make all kinds of fun outings. Plenty of nice and cozy villages, markets, beautiful nature, you name it. The Haute Provence at its best.

Camping Bélézy also rents plenty of tents and bungalows. From simple lodge tents for a lot of money into a villa for 6 people, almost priceless.

This review let you know how I experienced this campsite and what I think about it. For me it’s a naturism factory. That does not mean that you have to find that too.

Anyway it’s a real family campsite. And very suitable as a single parent to spend a holiday.

Camping holiday with own tent is not that expensive. If you want to rent a tent or bungalow it is different.

Bélézy; address and location on map

Domaine de Belezy – 84410 Bedoin – France

> Website Bélézy

4 thoughts on “Bélézy, Naturist Campsite, Bedoin, Haute Provence, France. Independent review.

  1. Jacqy

    We had rented a cottage located near the Mas of Bélézy. A perfect location we thought. Tasty anywhere near yet beautiful location in nature. The pool is just super! Good water temparature. In high season are enough activities. Both sporting and creative. Regular good music performances. In short, the atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed. Operation both at the reception, the tourist office, the restaurant or in the shop was very good. Actually we have no criticism. The criticism of many people on the high prices we find somewhat exaggerated. All activities are in fact (almost) free. The food in the restaurant is good and not expensive. For three courses (the daily menu only € 14!
    We have experienced more than three weeks as a paradise. Besides the camping the area is fantastic!

  2. Bob

    We found Bélézy very expensive, especially since the place is quite small. The food in the restaurant is good. The pool is super nice and big.

  3. Annette

    Bélézy is an expensive camping, but worth it. Entertainment for children and adults was very good. The youth club was fun. Therefore there were many young people at the camp. Expensive camping. The sun loungers by the pool are always busy. Entertainment need reservations. Very dominant lifeguard.

  4. Jerry

    This campsite is a lovely quiet, where young and old can enjoy delicious. Many places from enough with shade to sunny, the standard places are more than sufficient! There are three pools that are maintained to perfection. The restaurant and grocery shop are perfectly fine, short, highly recommended, we will definitely return ….


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