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Family Naturism. Clothes-free recreation for the whole family.

You will surely find on the Net that naturism is growing by leaps and bounds and you will also find some very interesting sites and people who have come to the same conclusion. Nudity is natural, healthy, and all too big a secret. This post is about the naturist and family.

Family naturism

Family naturism

Family naturism and naturist campsites are OK!

There are many ways to promote naturism both in your home and in the minds of those in your life.
Whether it is to extol the benefits of being naked or to make others aware of what harm a clothing (fashion) compulsive mindset can do. Some may want to be out of this shell because they like being naked, others because of what the shell stands for and what it physically does to them.

Clothing as a repressive tool is not a foreign concept. There are several books on this.

Children and naturism

If you have teen children or are about to have, you will be reminded all to quickly, the role dress plays in the social scheme of things.

Girls possibly more than boys need to keep in mind what clothing says, what it does to you, and the effect it has on what you think of yourself and your body.

Naturism has a profound effect here. To say that what is really important is you and your body. That you don’t have to live up to someone else standards, especially when it does you harm.

Family naturist resorts

Naturist campsites offer the facilities you need for your family. And your first choice for clothes-free recreation in a natural environment. It’s your place to relax or play sports with the family.

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FKK (Freikörperkultur) originated in Germany was the start of naturism

FKK (Freikörperkultur) is originated in Germany at the end of the 19th century. It was the start of the modern naturism. First they had the indication Nacktkultur, but that word shocked and they have finally chosen for the word Freikörperkultur or FKK.


Round 1920 on the island Sylt naturism, in Germany FKK, arise. In Klappholttal in List on Sylt had Knud Ahlborn, leader of the Free German Youth Movement engaged a social renewal to naturism. Klappholttal still exists. It is now called Nordseeheim Klappholttal and still has the same function as in 1919. The Academy at the Seaside is a high school for development of young people and adults.

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What means FKK

FKK or naturism

FKK or naturism

FKK is associated with self-respect, respect for dissent and the environment. It has a balancing effect on the people, by freeing him from the tensions caused by taboos, and shows ways to a simple, healthy human lifestyle.

Naturists have a positive relationship to the body, accept themselves and others as they are. It is important not grown to be young or beautiful or styled. FKK attaches importance to other things. It is assumed to be washed and cared for physically. The nudity takes place not only on visible lonely places or in community. No nude person would run naked through the streets. In the FKK Club and FKK-Zeltplatz and on nude beach may be off.

FKK naturists are convinced that it must have every once tried to remotely understand how strong is the sense of freedom and well-being. That’s probably what can be different from the nudists.

Free of standards and status symbols to be nude. They see themselves tolerant, sports enthusiast, health conscious, environmentally oriented, straightforward, and body awareness.

Genuine naturists are child and family friendly. They have responsibility for the protection of plants and animals are tolerant, helpful and respect the property of others. The FKK naturists are informal, open and sociable, the loneliness will respect others even in the crowd.

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Klappholttal in List on Sylt on Google Maps: